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Our Difference

We Take Swift, Collaborative Action Towards Your Aspirations

Juncture Wealth strategies Scottsdale, AZ Juncture Wealth Strategies

Founded on a Desire to Serve

In 2010, Juncture Wealth was started by Barry Rhonemus to provide clients with the kind of customized experience that rivals traditional firms. Since our founding, we’ve expanded to also offer support to advisors looking to grow their practice — and cater to the growing needs of high- and ultra-high-net-worth clients.

We want our clients and our advisors to experience what we’ve seen first-hand:  How to get the right people around the right clients to ask the right questions and deliver exceptional answers and service. Our team can be your team and we’re designed to help successful individuals and families build their assets, protect their wealth and achieve their goals.

Our Commitment to Servant Leadership

Servant leadership means we exist as a firm to understand your needs, walk with you through your options and take action to help you move forward. We believe this is best done by incorporating the following:

Action-Oriented Behavior

We’re here to help you however we can — even beyond financial challenges. When you come to us with uncertainty, we make immediate moves to help you find a solution.

Nimble Communication

If you have a question or concern, you can rest assured that each member of our team is here to listen — usually within three rings.

Community Effort

We take a team approach to serving you. For needs outside of our services, we connect you with professionals we trust and have close relationships with.

Multi-Disciplined Team

With extensive experience across various fields, we attack problems from many angles. This equips our clients with meaningful financial clarity.

Planning-First Culture

Why do we thrive in complexity? Our team sees great opportunity in multifaceted financial situations. We utilize an advanced planning process to fine-tune the intricacies of your financial picture. 

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