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Michael Breazeale, CAIA, CFA, FRM

Chief Investment Officer

Michael has over 21 years of investment management experience working with private clients and nonprofits. During the course of his career, Michael has developed a number of unique investment strategies/perspectives that draw from a multitude of investment philosophies/approaches including: traditional value/growth stock selection, quantitative analysis, technical analysis, tactical duration management, structured investments and behavioral finance. In addition, for over a decade he has dedicated considerable time investigating the potential implications, both investment and societal, of rapidly accelerating innovations in the areas of life sciences, information technologies, robotics and nanotechnology. His decision to join the founders of Juncture Wealth Strategies at its inception was based on his desire to bring the experience of a traditional investment management career and integrate it with new approaches that better reflect the investment environment of today and tomorrow.

What Inspires My Work

Challenging the “status quo” and always trying to find more effective ways to adapt to a changing world.

What Inspires My Life

A constant pursuit to better know and understand the nature of “truth” as it relates to life, relationships and the world at large.

Phone: 858.764.8020