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Leigh Palmer

Client Service Manager

Leigh brings 15 years of experience in private banking working with ultra-high net worth clients and families to achieve their financial goals and objectives. Prior to joining Juncture, Leigh worked in the Private Bank division of Wells Fargo as a Wealth Advisor Associate consulting with clients to address their banking needs relating to lending, investment management and trust services. Leigh believes that the way in which you live your life trickles down into one’s business ethos, driving her passion to assist and help clients as expediently as possible to ease their worry and simplify their life. Additionally, Leigh is actively involved in the community and with many San Diego charities and nonprofits.

What Inspires My Work

In many ways, what inspires me at work also inspires me in life. I don’t believe they are mutually exclusive. Quite simply, I want to help. Whether a new account is necessary, a wire transfer needed for the close of escrow, or assistance needed for account related questions, I am inspired to address their needs and help complete their “to dos”. Additionally, I enjoy helping my fellow colleagues. I enjoy the daily reporting, analysis, and data collecting that enables my team members to make decisions in their own roles.

What Inspires My Life

I am inspired to help my friends and family. They are what is MOST important to me.I believe I am a reflection and a make-up of the relationships I have with all of them.Additionally, I find fulfillment in helping perfect strangers in need and enjoy giving my time and service to charitable organizations when I can.

Phone: 858.764.8020