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Our Investment Philosophy

We take a methodical approach to financial independence, focusing on the factors that can impact a client’s portfolio, including risks from: capital market, inflation, interest rate, currency, security concentration, and industry to name a few. We will not yield to the buzz of the mainstream media or the latest Wall Street trends to direct our investment decisions. Our view of investing is adaptive and focused, supported by a broad array of investment vehicles and methodologies aligned with our client’s specific goals.

Investment Strategies

We employ a rigorous process in evaluating the appropriate investment strategies that are appropriate in helping a client meet their objectives.

Adaptive Asset Allocation

We feel that a dynamic investment selection process, combined with “intelligent” portfolio rebalancing, are essential to achieving above average investment performance and optimal risk mitigation. We actively monitor globalization trends, financial innovation, and scientific or technological breakthroughs in order to respond effectively to changes in global investment landscape in a way that is beneficial to our clients.

Sentiment Reversal Strategies

Value and contrarian investing are time-tested and effective strategies in improving a portfolio’s performance and identifying opportunities to buy and sell. This systematic approach opposes public opinion, conventional wisdom, and market consensus to analyze investor behavior and the relative psychology behind mispriced, out of favor or undervalued investments.

Enhanced Cash Flow

Our equity income strategy is uniquely designed for those seeking significant cash flow. We utilize high-yield dividend-paying stocks combined with a covered call overlay to generate additional income from individual stocks. With a disciplined call-writing program, this strategy can reduce the effective cost basis of long-term stock holdings, hedge against volatility and minimize potential losses due to market fluctuations.

Ultra-Growth Innovators

While new scientific and technological developments are swiftly accelerating and impacting our global society in profound ways, the state of the investment landscape is ever changing. Consequently, new and innovative companies are emerging and displacing the well-known, established companies. To position for this reversed dynamic, we seek investments in companies that have exceptional sales growth and profitability potential, and are positioned within niches that benefit from powerful trends in innovation and globalization.

Core Capabilities

Our capabilities are deep and diverse ensuring all aspects of your financial life are moving in the right direction.

Financial Planning


A sound financial plan aligns the various components that make up our clients’ complex finances. We can engineer individualized financial plans that look beyond bank and investment statements to help deliver direction, clarity and security. We seek to understand our clients’ aspirations, clarifying their personal and professional goals, and prioritizing for the short-term and long-term. In reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of existing strategies, we will assess both sides of the balance sheet creating a solid foundation to illuminate the big picture.

Customized Wealth Plan

We strive to bring life and money into balance and into perspective. We start by gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ goals and aspirations to define their needs. Then we assess risk tolerance, time horizon, and expectations to develop and execute a systematic plan.

Comprehensive Approach

Even the smallest details can have a profound impact on a financial picture. Our goal is to minimize unnecessary risk and help guide decision making. We will analyze “what if” scenarios to capture potential milestones or transitions that may be encountered. Computer modeling with cashflow forecasting can help provide this clarity, if appropriate.

Long-Term Perspective

Financial planning is not a single event, but a continuous journey. We will establish a dynamic financial framework that spans across various life stages to support a vision for the future and extend for generations to come.

Integrated Strategies

Proactive in our planning process, we will collaborate with a client’s external professional team—accountants, attorneys, and other financial professionals—to create a consistent strategy that addresses the overall financial outlook.

Wealth Management


We view wealth management as a true partnership as we build wealth for the long-term through growing and protecting assets with our investment strategies and due diligence. We offer an array of customized wealth management solutions including portfolio management, fiduciary (trust) services, retirement income planning, charitable giving, and legacy solutions. Whether you are looking to fund an education, sell a business, or determine whether you can afford a second or a third home, we offer objective, transparent advice to help you make informed decisions and skilled transitions.

Active Risk Management

Through our market hedging techniques and portfolio strategies, we seek to minimize our clients’ exposure to risk and mitigate volatility. Our priority is to actively assess and measure potential negative exposures, thus protecting their investment portfolios.

Tax Sensitive Asset Management

We understand the importance and impact of tax and estate considerations. Mindful of the potential tax implications of our investment decisions, we implement appropriate strategies and build portfolios to optimize our clients’ overall tax burden.

Research, Technology & Insight

Nimble in our strategy and investment decisions, we assess a wide range of research and perspectives. We work diligently to provide our clients with a portfolio that reflects current opportunities and methodologies to achieve their objectives.

Detailed Reporting

Timely investment feedback aligns with our belief in consistent, open communication. Our clients must be kept informed with measured performance and updated with any investment changes. We leverage technology to provide customized reports with relevant and accurate information.

The Juncture Advantage

We provide the resources, knowledge and expertise to streamline complex financial situations into strategic, intelligent solutions.

+   Tax Sensitive

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+   Customized Reporting

+   Transparency

+   Active Monitoring

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+   No Account-Level K-1s

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